I am using this product at present for my complicated mare!

She has on going problems that only I have seen from her on a day to day basis. her symptoms were very girthy, footy, hated her hind feet picked up, tail swishing, biting, wood chewing, wind sucking when stressed, very lethargic or very explosive where she would leap in the air and buck excessively ! Her flanks get very sunken in and when she was working on the lunge her breathing was laboured! she has been on the ulc30x for three weeks now and I have seen a real improvement in her behaviour, I long lined her yesterday and she went forwards lovely with ears pricked and really seemed to enjoy her work! I am looking forward to hopefully getting her re-backed and taking her to a few shows this year! Thank you ron you have been so helpful. I will be ordering the litre bottle shortly.

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