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Silent 4

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Helps to:

De-stress Dogs
Reduce Barking
Aid Relaxation
Reduce Aggressive Behaviour
Lower Tension

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Product Description

Stop Dog Anxiety and Barking Naturally!

Silent 4 is scientifically proven to relaxed stressed dogs and therefore reduce barking that is caused by stress. Silent 4 comes in either liquid spray or capsule form.

Choose Capsules or Spray?

Dog calming capsules and spray
The liquid spray bottle allows easy application to the dogs existing food, whilst the capsules can be added to treats or food. Choose your preference as they both contain the same ingredients. Silent 4 is completely safe to use and will not affect any other medication your dog may be on.

Helps to Reduce Canine Anxiety, Nervousness and Aggressive Behaviour

Silent 4 helps to ease aggression, barking and more serious behavioural problems.

Dog barking cure

Reduce Canine Barking

If you are purchasing Silent 4 to solely reduce dog barking, we recommend that you try to find out why your canine friend is barking in the first instance. There are good reasons for your dog to bark. For example, when an intruder on your premises, then it is a good thing for your dog to bark.

However, if you cannot figure out why your dog randomly barks, then Silent 4 will definitely help to reduce nervous tension barking.

Relieve Stressed Dogs

When dogs become stressed, they have difficulty in communicating what the underlying problems are. The symptoms for such behaviour include being aggressive for no apparent reason, barking, whining, agitated erratic movements.

All of these symptoms can be reduced by simply applying Silent 4.

It calms dogs to be relaxed, stress free and happy.

Who should use Silent 4?

Anyone with a stressed dog. Silent 4 is recommended for use by both private individuals and professional dog trainers. Private owners find that Silent 4 helps to reduce barking, nervousness and aggressive behaviour.

Calm stress free dog

Professional dog owners know that dog breeding, dog racing and showing dogs imposes certain stresses, which have a potential adverse effect on optimal condition. Obviously it is in the interest of any dog breeder / owner to reduce the stress levels on his/her dogs thus increasing overall condition.

Natural Herbal Supplement for Dogs

Silent 4 is a safe anti stress, adaptogenic and anti-oxidant preparation of herbal extracts that is free from side effects.
Dogs that are given Silent 4 are less stressed and this has helped many of our customers with dogs that are nervous, excitable, difficult to train or manage, or with dogs that continuously bark.

Is Silent 4 safe to use with alongside medical alternatives?

Silent 4 can be used in conjunction with any drugs that may have been prescribed by a vet. As it is a totally natural plant-based supplement, it is completely safe to use at all times.

Silent 4 comes in an easy to administer spray bottle or capsule form. It is applied directly on to your dogs existing food.

For small dogs 2 – 4 Kgs – 2 sprays / 2 capsules
Medium dogs 4 – 12 kgs – 4 sprays / 3 capsules
Large dogs – 12kgs+ – 6 – 8 sprays / 4 capsules

What is Silent 4 made of?

Pure plant-based product: several herbal components, without chemical additives. A combination of the following herbal components scientifically formulated produces the required results:

Ingredients include:

Ocimum Sanctum Linn
Centella asiatica
Magnifera indica
Tinaspora cordifolia
Withania somnifera
Zinziber officinale
Tribulus terrestris


Additional Information

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80 Capsules, Spray 100ml

7 reviews for Silent 4

  1. Mrs L D Paipala, Cottingley Bar, West Yorks

    Just to say how delighted I am with your silent 4 tablets, my border collie dog was very nervous in the show ring but since it has been on your tablets he is a calmer dog and there is no problem with the judge going over him. He has been placed several times and gained a 1st place in a large class at a recent championship show
    Mrs L D Paipala, Cottingley Bar, West Yorks

  2. Vera Pearson, Brighouse, W Yorks

    “Just to say Thank You for the ‘Silent 4’, they worked wonders for our Boxer who was perfect while on holiday for three weeks in Norfolk, we could take him anywhere no problem and he was not afraid of people or noises. We even got him into the Pubs for bar meals.”
    Vera Pearson, Brighouse, W Yorks

  3. Mrs L Baker

    The Strong caps have done the trick with my big lad, Max. He weighs 40 KG, a big lad, he is now a lot calmer at shows and at dog training classes, its not lack of training with him, just adolescence. What I wanted to know is could I take the strong Silent 4 capsules, as I have trouble with my nerves?

  4. Donna and Kevin Whincup, Rotherham

    Kevin & I have been in Dalmatians for over nine years, and despite his continued refusal to increase our puppy family above four, he gave in and Stella arrived. By the time I got Stella she was fourteen weeks old and I normally like to get a puppy at about seven to eight weeks. She was of similar breeding to the Dalmatians we already have and therefore I did not expect to have a ‘shrinking violet’ on my hands.

    As a trainer at a local ring craft club, I am quite used to ring shy dogs, but never expected to have one of my own. I took Stella everywhere, the nursing home to visit my grandparents and other residents, to a friend locally who breeds and shows Labradors. We joined a local doggie walking club to help socialise Stella. With anything on four legs she was in heaven – but when it came to humans she was petrified. As the socialisation programme in terms of humans was not working. I took Stella to a private dog trainer. It took a long time, but eventually they gained Stella’s trust, thus enabling her to go over Stella while she was free standing. Mission accomplished – Stella would stand and wag and looked absolutely fantastic.

    I thought we had cracked it, so I took her to a local training class and she has a great time. She did everything that I asked of her until a stranger tried to go over her. She was having none of it! Time was running out – 1st April, Stella’s first show, was approaching fast. The socialising programme was maintained, where I went, so did Stella – ring craft clubs, match nights, friends and family. Unfortunately due to an illness we were unable to make the Club Show on the 1st April, so we were looking for WELKS for Stella’s first outing.

    The morning of WELKS came. Stella travelled well, and bedded down on her bench-great-no problem. I walked her around and she was fine. The ‘show’ situation did not phase her at all; the hall, the dogs, she was fine. We went into the ring and she stood, wagging her tail, and she moved around the ring with the others. But when the Judge tried to go over her – disaster. She backed off, pulled away; she didn’t want any of it. But once the Judge retreated, she went back to showing and moving fine. Naturally, we didn’t get a place.

    Our next out was Birmingham and yes, we had a repeat of events as at WELKS. Immediately after Birmingham Stella came into season and so she had a full month off. During this time I met a lady who’s Giant Schnauzer I had helped to train. She had had a similar problem to that we were experiencing with Stella. She mentioned that she had put her on a product called ‘Silent 4’, which had been advertised in the back of the Kennel Club Gazette. I placed an order and the product was despatched straight away. I read and followed the instructions for use.

    Bath Championship Show approached. We packed the car and off we went. Stella was entered in Minor Puppy Bitch Class. We were third to be seen. Stella stood as though she hadn’t a care in the world. It was our turn and other exhibitors watched to see what Stella would do – I was constantly being told I would never get her to show successfully.

    To my amazement, she stood rock solid. The judge went over her and even went in her mouth, without so much as a ‘bat of the eyelid’. I was thrilled. We got our first place at a Championship Show – it was reserve. I had also entered Stella in Puppy Bitch. This time she took a third place, qualifying her for Crufts. Everyone cheered – it was fantastic. Stella has gone from strength to strength, winning a class at the Three Counties Championship Show.

    Stella has one Silent 4 tablet the night before a show and one on the morning of the show and it just seems to take the edginess off her. I have placed a second order and will gradually wean her off them with time and effort – and a little help from Silent 4.

    The puppy that everyone told me to move on – I would do nothing with – is being talked about again, but this time in a different way. I never thought it would make that much difference, but it did! Thank you – you gave me back my beautiful show girl Stella

  5. Julie Dowding

    Our rescue dog (Hattie) had many physical and psychological problems when she came to us at 4 months old. Although we have gradually overcome most of her problems, she remains petrified of sharp noises such as fireworks, nail gun noises etc. even if they are far into the distance. If she hears these noises when off lead she just bolts blindly and on lead she panics and trembles and there’s no consoling her. Over the past 3 years we’ve tried many treatments and desensitisation methods which have proved unsuccessful so when a friend recommended Silent 4 we were sceptical but decided to give it a try.
    It’s amazing! Within 3-4 days of commencing Silent 4 she was significantly more relaxed generally and although she still cowers when she hears her scary noises, she doesn’t panic and bolt. Consequently, she listens to me, stays close and is able to be coaxed through her fearful moments. A big thank you for reducing the anxiety of Hattie and her humans!

  6. E. Shorts, London

    Mr Fields. I just want to say those pills have changed me and my dog’s life. Thank you so much! E. Shorts

  7. Emelda Chappell

    Your Silent 4 tablet are a Muscat this moment in time for Wooligan’s behaviour. I keep spreading the word 🙂

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