Lamb-Tastic Herbal Supplement for Lambs


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  • Boost essential nutrients
  • Helps build the immune system
  • Relives anxiety which is common after birth
  • Helps improve growth rate
  • Helps general wellbeing
  • Aids digestive function
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Product Description

Organic supplement for Lambs

Lamb-Tastic – Herbal Supplement for Lambs

Lamb-Tastic is a natural herbal supplement for lambs and specifically designed to give them a great start in life.

How does Lamb-Tastic work?

Lamb-Tastic is designed to help the lamb gain strength quickly through aiding the digestive track and to build the lambs immune system. Animals that have a healthy first few days are proven to be more likely to be stronger throughout later life. This whole concept then leads to a flock that is less stressed and more confident than usual.

Lamb-tastic’s unique blend os specially sourced herbal ingredients help to metabolise and utilise feed, which helps to improve tissues, body cell mass and produce optimum feed conversion.

Mostly, we recommend that farmers use Lamb-Tastic immediately after the lamb is born, however, if lambs are stressed due to a pasture move, a visit to the market or another source of stress, it can be given at any point in the sheep’s life

Healthy LambsApplication
Lamb-Tastic should be given to young lambs as early as possible or even at birth. It should be given directly by mouth or in milk until the young lambs are past the stage of normal early digestive disruptions.

Direct by mouth or direct in milk. Lamb-Tastic should be given at 10ml for the first day and 5ml for a period of 3-5 days minimum.

Lamb-Tastic is a pure plant-based product. It consists of several herbs without chemical additives. Our combination of scientifically formulated herbal components include:
Boehaavia diffusa, Terminalia arjuna, Eclipta alba, Terminalia chebula, Achyranthes aspera, Andrographis paniculata. Holarrhena antidysenterica, Aegle marmelos correa, Magnifera induce, Zinziber Officinale, Cuminum cyminun, Terminalia ammi, Cyperus rotundus.

Our Product Guarantee
Please leave feedback on our social streams or leave a review on this page. We welcome all feedback as it enables us to make our service better for the next customer. If you are not satisfied with your product for any reason, please send it back to us within 14 days and we will give you a full refund.

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5 reviews for Lamb-Tastic

  1. Bill Hamilton

    I recommend Lamb-Tastic to anyone who has sheep. Within a minute of giving it to a newborn lamb you can see a dfference in vitality. I can honestly say that I would be lost without it. Last year all our lambs survived and grew to be extremely healthy sheep

  2. Steph Rogers

    Lamb-Tastic is the most underrated product on the market. It instantly helps weak lambs which may have otherwise died.

  3. Sam Hughes

    I have only just started using Lamb-Tastic and I am noticing an immediate difference just seconds after applying to poorly lambs.

  4. Steve Bartlett

    Lamb-Tastic works like a miracle! Just seconds after applying lambs perk up and start feeding. This is a must for sheep farmers.

  5. N.Senior (verified owner)

    I can’t rate this enough brought a very sick lamb home on verge of dying as hardly drinking . Warmed him up and started to feed Lamb-Tastic as soon as it arrived, it worked as a de wormer (without me knowing the lamb had worms.) And within days he won’t stop eating, has energy and thriving. Anyone with sheep and lambs I am recommending this too. As the farmer had little hope for this lamb .

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