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Elastin Treats

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Elastin treats are a herbal joint supplement for dogs specifically designed and formulated to help and assist dogs of all ages move more freely and easily. It helps to improve agility and makes the dog’s life more comfortable

Helps to:

  • Ease Arthritis
  • Reduce Joint Pain
  • Increase Mobility
  • Relax Muscles
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Product Description

Herbal Supplement for Dogs with Arthritis & Joint Pain

Elastin is a combination of carefully selected herbs specifically formulated for dogs to enable them to maintain mobility and freedom of movement.

How does our Canine Arthritis Supplement work?

Elastin aids and assists recovery of canine joint problems by loosening the ligaments around the joints aiding freedom of movement. It helps to improve the elasticity of all joints in the dogs body. Think of it as the way oil works in machines; Elastin is a herbal equivalent for dogs – using natural ingredients to help your dog move freely without pain.

Dog arthritis supplement

Does Elastin reduce Dog Joint Pain?

We use natural ingredients to help your dog move freely without pain. However, our herbal supplement does not have a pain reliever in the ingredients. The reason for this is because we don’t want the dog to feel pain free and do more damage to its joints. Once the stiffness is removed and dog mobility is gained, the symptoms will automatically decrease in pain helping the dog to move more freely and happily.

Will Elastin Help Dog Hip Dysplasia as well as Arthritis?

Yes. Elastin will help and assist recovery to all dogs joint problems leading to a less painful symptoms. For more information, please read the article on Hip Dysplasia in Dogs below.

Elastin - Dog Joint supplement

Bone treats or easy-to-administer spray?

Elastin comes in a tasty bone-shaped treat form that your dog will look forward to taking. It has been developed using nutritional knowledge specifically to assist in supporting normal movement in joints.

However, we also supply the same product in liquid form that you can simply spray onto your dog’s existing food.

If you would prefer to have an easy to apply spray instead of the treat form simply click here.

Elastin Ingredients
Boswellia Serrate gum, Glycyrrhiza Glabra roots, Curcuma longa, Tinospora Cordifolia stems , Trigonella foerum-graecum seed , Vitex negundo, Withania somnifera, Zingibar Officinale, Phyllanthus emblica fruits.Pure plant-based product: several herbal components, without chemical additives.

8 reviews for Elastin Treats

  1. R A Frorath, Deal, Kent

    Our dogs run around like two-year olds – but in fact they are 11.5 and 3.5 years old. We work our dogs so they are on the go all the time during the winter months. Both have been on Elastin since they were 6 months old and people are always commenting on how they look and how they are so energetic.

  2. Liz Edgar, (Professional Show Jumper)

    Sooty our 7 year old Corgi discovered Elastin two years ago and since then she has been on this special diet with amazing results, she can even jump on the bed! But best of all she’s on no drugs

  3. Mr Hughes, Irby Pet Shop, The Wirral

    Now I can confidently advise all of my customers to try it, as my collie can now climb the stairs, and it sells really well

  4. Mary Jarrett

    Our 14 and a half year old golden retriever has been given Elastin treats since I bought some at a dog event recently. she loves them, they agree with her, they are easy to break in half, though size is great anyway, and our old dog seems much freer in her mobility. So, I am ordering some more, This is quite a find – I love the naturalness of the product, too. Thank you so much

  5. Pam Jupp & Susie, Hants.

    Thank you for sending Elastin Treats so promptly. Susie, above, is my 12 year old Golden Retriever who has hip dysplacia and arthritis in her back legs. Since starting the Elastin we have noticed a marked improvement in her. She is now a lot more agile and even the vet has noticed her hips are a lot stronger. This can only be down to the Elastin treats and I am so grateful to the lady who we once met on the cliff top for recommending them to us. People who have not seen Susie for a while all say how lively she is, testament indeed to Elastin Treats

  6. Vanda Rudge

    I have been given a taster pack of Elastin treats and have started giving them to my German Shepherd, Shula, who is 11. The improvement in her mobility is fantastic. She now walks quickly to the park, whereas before she would hobble slowly. I will be continuing with the treats and definitely investing in more

  7. Sally Hesketh

    Jemma, our 10-year-old dog, has always been fit, healthy and active. Over the years she has begun to show stiffness and although she still loves to go for her walks, she struggles to keep up. Since using Elastin, Jemma has improved greatly. She is now able to go out for a much longer walk and her bounciness has returned. It is such a relief!

  8. Tracey Hopps (verified owner)

    I was recommended this product by my local pet shop as a preventative measure for my Labrador as they are prone to arthritis and he doesn’t know when to stop. We haven’t been using them for long but he does seem more agile and doesn’t get the stiff forelegs he was getting. He also eats them happily. I’m really pleased that it’s a natural product and I don’t need to consider using anything stronger

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