Tonic for Cats


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Assists with:

  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Arthritis
  • Fur Loss
  • Digestion Problems
  • Pancreatic Function
  • Joint Problems
  • Low Appetite
  • Poor Health
  • Liver Problems
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Product Description

Cattonic – Natural Herbal Tonic for Cats

Cattonic is a combination of natural specially prepared herbs with NO chemicals and is beneficial for all cats and kittens. Our tonic for cats comes in a liquid form that can assist cats to make a speedy recovery from many kind of ailments.

Cattonic helps cats reach optimal health and suppleness for their age and breed. It is totally safe to use and is able to assist and stimulate liver cell production.

It is scientifically proven to assist and help with fur loss, digestion and all organs.

Herbal supplement for cats

How Cattonic works

Because it improves feline liver function, many other problems related to an unhealthy liver can be eradicated. This includes cats with psoriasis, fur loss, dry skin, mobility and urinary tract problems.

Traditionally, medicines has been difficult to administer to cats whether it contains pharmaceutical or herbal ingredients. Cattonic is a patent pending liquid that can be sprayed onto your cats favourite food and comes in a delicious flavour favoured by cats.

Our easy-to-use spray bottle makes it easy to administer either to their existing food or directly into their mouth. Spray twice onto food daily.

Cattonic comes in two bottle sizes of 100ml and 50ml and has been cleared by Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G)

Herbal ingredients:

Andrographis paniculata
Eclipta alba
Tinospora Cordifolia
Vitex negundo
Tephrosia purprea
Zinziber officinale
Terminalia chebula
Withania somnifera

Our Guarantee

We care about cats and about what their owners think of us. Try some today to help your cat feel rejuvenated, happy and mobile. If you are not fully satisfied, please return your product within 14 days and we will issue a full refund. If you are happy, please would you be kind enough to leave a review as these help other cat owners to help their feline friends?

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Additional Information

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3 reviews for Cattonic

  1. Noreen Thomas, Carlow

    Sophie, my elderly cat was beginning to show her age, not eating a lot and moping about. A friends  suggested that I try this herbal tonic that you spray on their food, which is very good for their liver and kidney, especially in elderly cats. Normally I have found that spraying or squashing tablets in their food is a no-go situation. But with this she laps it up.

    After a short while I noticed a BIG DIFFERENCE in her general demeanour and appetite. She now stays out till the small hours of the morning and when she comes in she demands yet more food!

    It is really a very good all-round tonic

  2. Clive Marlow, Malvern

    Our 8 year old cat has been unwell and stressed with a house move. She was listless, uninterested and losing fur from her back legs and stomach. We took her to the vet but she seemed to worsen to the extent that we thought she was going to die. We tried Cattonic and after two weeks her appetite improved followed by an improvement to her health. 12 months later she has a new lease of life, not stressed and her fur has grown back. We are certain this product saved our cats life

  3. Jean-Jacques, Guincamp, France

    I ordered Cattonic because my cat was losing fur and he had a chronic skin condition. After three days I noticed that he was improving and after a week the skin condition had gone and the fur was growing again. After 1 month he is perfectly healthy again. A BIG thank you!

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