Horse Supplements

Horse Supplements

Natural Remedies for Horses

Racehorse trainers, racehorse owners and family owners have been conditioned to instantly call the vet the moment a horse becomes ill. Naturally so, as people want the best for their beloved animals. However, how can you be sure you are receiving the best treatment? It appears to us that many veterinarians take advantage when it comes to providing effective remedies at low prices.

Owners have repeatedly informed us that there is no such thing as a low price when treating horses. We are proud to offer effective alternatives that often have better results than their pharmaceutical counterparts and offer better value. Please view our product reviews and testimonials and buy our herbal supplements today. If you are not satisfied we will refund you. We are sure you will then think twice about calling your vet in the future.

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Kickstart for Foals


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Reduce Fore & Hind Gut Equine Ulcers

Natural resistance to Equine FluBleeding cure for horses

Reduce Horse Snots, Coughs & Colds

Remount - Liver tonic for horses


Horses without stressSilent4 - Calming supplement for horses

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