Solution to the 1% pay rise offered to the NHS

A novel way to reward NHS staff without costing the government a penny.
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Last week we heard of a government proposed pay rise that many said was an insult to all the staff that have worked tirelessly for the past 12 months during the unprecedented pandemic we all found ourselves in. I am not here to judge the government as they have borrowed unheard of amounts of cash to pay for businesses and

 staff that may have become bankrupt if help was not issued.

The Dilemma

How can we give a pay rise to the staff within the NHS without affecting the government purse?’


10% Pay increase with NO COST to the government

Here’s how

Helping the NHS

Businesses offer up to 10% off to NHS Staff for most goods and services. I propose that companies, brands and retail outlets list their names here who would be prepared to offer NHS staff a discount for all their goods and services. If businesses sign up to this idea it would act as a 10% increase in salary to all NHS staff. Crucially, this it is not paid for by the government and saves the chancellor money.

Once supermarkets, DIY stores and other large retail outlets commit to such a discount, the reduction in general living for all NHS staff would be significant. I will definitely be implementing this for my business – Animal Herbal Health, and for any NHS staff who may wish to take a break or short vacation on our farm rental.


This scheme would benefit the businesses offering discounts as word would soon spread and it would also help nurses, doctors and surgeons etc, spread their earnings further.

If you are in favour of this idea, please promote this page on your social media so that we can get a real following and make a difference. #NHSPAYSOLUTION


Recently the NHS and their staff saved my life. I won’t bore you with the details about my own personal experience as I hear similar stories every week from other survivors who owe their lives to the dedicated staff of our wonderful National Health Service.

To be frank the NHS is truly a national treasure that we cannot afford to lose.

Thank you NHS!

Thank you to all the staff that continually put others before their own well-being. I owe you my life!

Andy Fields
Managing Director
Animal Herbal Health Ltd

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