Why use herbs over drugs ?

Herbal and holistic remedies have been used for millennia and drugs have only been used for the past 100 years or so. Whilst drugs can be more effective on some ailments, scientists are seeing more and more detrimental effects from the overuse of pharmaceuticals. We have been studying ancient traditional organic methods and have found that very often they have been more effective than modern alternatives with no side effects whatsoever.

What are the advantages of using Animal Herbal Health ?

Like several other companies, we care about animal welfare. However, here are just a few reasons why you might consider using our products.

  • Our products tend to be vastly cheaper than modern day drugs
  • There are no side effects with herbal options
  • Often, herbal options can be more effective
  • If treating farm animals, no drugs can be ingested by humans later on

Can holistic methods really be more effective than drugs ?

Time and time again, our trials have proved to be more effective than using pharmaceuticals. Please view our reviews and testimonials for further clarification and, if you are still in doubt, contact us so we can explain in person

How can I be sure of what product to use ?

We try to be as transparent as possible and we give as much information as we can so you can confidently invest in the right product for your animal. However, if you are not sure if we can help, please call or email so we can listen to your concerns. Often, after hearing about your issue we can recommend a product, however, if we do not have a solution that we think will help you, we will simply be honest and let you know.

My horse has been getting more and more irritable - what can I do?

There are many reasons why horses can be irritable and tetchy. More often than not, ulcers in the fore and hind gut can be the cause as all horses have ulcers to some degree. Unfortunately, vets all to often recommend products that only temporarily relieve the symptom through reducing the stomach acid.


We have products that can help and assist in reducing the ulcers to that the problem is relieve for long periods of time. Don’t let your horse suffer for years; have faith in using our alternatives.


Still not sure, see our reviews on ULC30EX Plus

My dog keeps barking - can you help ?

Dogs that continually bark can be stressful for the owner and can be really annoying for your neighbours. We have had great success with Silent 4. This is a product that relaxes your dog naturally and relieves it’s tension that maybe the cause for continuous barking. (It will relieve your stress too when he stops).

It comes in really tasty treats in the form of bones, so he will even enjoy taking his herbal option. Its a ‘win win’ for you and your pouch.









Elastin for Horses