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The Rise of Superbugs – Are Antibiotics to Blame?

Cows being given drugs in their food

Antibiotics in animal feed Friend or foe? By Lucy Boyen There have always been concerns that the antibiotics lacing the food that animals eat will affect humans. Lately the argument has reared its head again, amidst claims that antibiotic resistance is leading to new superbugs in humans and animals. Livestock Antibiotics Antibiotics were originally introduced […]

Natural Remedies for Farm Animals Requested by Farmers

Natural remedies for farm animals

Effective Herbal Products for Livestock Natural remedies for farm animals have been sought after by farmers for years. At Animal Herbal Health we listen to our customers, many of whom are farmers to satisfy their need for effective herbal products for all animals. So what has been requested and why? Farmers require Improved Animal Performance […]

Count Down – Reducing the Cell Count in Milk

One of our latest products baffles scientists as it reduces the cell count within milk fast than any other remedy. Count Down assists farmers in the following ways. Raising Quality in Milk Yield Reducing Cell Count Increasing Liver Function Improving Overall Health Fighting Harmful Bacteria Saving Farmers Money Why not invest in Count Down and […]