A Family Business

Our Family Business
Our Principles

Animal Herbal Health is a business set up in direct association with Ron Fields Nutrition. It is a family business which was set up by Ron Fields in the mid 1990s. Ron’s goal was to provide quality nutritional products to animals of all shapes and sizes. Animal Herbal Health is a division of RFN and is run by his son Andrew. Today the business is expanding through using Ron’s tried and tested remedies whilst, at the same time,

expanding into new markets so that people worldwide can benefit from the knowledge we have gained over the past 20 years. We anticipate that as people become more aware of the long-term harm pharmaceuticals can inflict through over use, that the medicinal market will have to look at alternative options for animal health and well-being.
Our Service

Why use just herbal products ?

We have conducted several trials over the years testing ancient remedies from all over the world. In many cases the outcome yielded far better results than pharmaceutical alternatives with no side effects on the animals

Personal Service

If you have any queries, please just contact us to receive a personal service. If our nutritionalist is not available, we can arrange a call back. We care about animals and are here to help.

If you are still unsure

If you are still not convinced that herbal remedies are the way to go, please contact us and we will send you a free sample. Feel free to just call and ask.

Top quality ingredients

All of our ingredients are sourced from leading suppliers worldwide. Many come directly from Asia and are checked that they all adhere to fair trade legislations

Our Skills
Assisting Animals in Pain
Knowledge of Herbal Remedies
Horse Welfare
Animal Nutrition
When you buy from us we guarantee that you will be happy with our prompt, professional yet personal service.
  •    Over 50 Years of Experience
  •    Proven Herbal Formulas
  •    1,000s of Satisfied Customers
  •    100% Money Back Guarantee
  •    Personal Service
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Meet our team
Ron Fields
Ron Fields
Founder of RFN
Andy Fields
Andy Fields
Managing Director of AHH
Anja Fields
Anja Fields
Distribution Manager
Sophia Fields
Sophia Fields
Chief Pet Lover