Natural Remedies for Farm Animals Requested by Farmers

Natural remedies for farm animals

Effective Herbal Products for Livestock

Natural remedies for farm animals have been sought after by farmers for years. At Animal Herbal Health we listen to our customers, many of whom are farmers to satisfy their need for effective herbal products for all animals. So what has been requested and why?

Farmers require Improved Animal Performance

Organic supplements for Farm AnimalsMany animals can suffer detrimental effects when change happens of any kind. For example, when livestock is moved it can become stressed. New pastures could have different plants, which may upset their digestive system. We realise the need for change and do our best to ensure that the animals not only remain healthy but also even thrive better than they were before. For example:
  • When new feed is added, we provide supplements that help animals gain weight faster. This makes happier animals and enables the farmer to move stock on more promptly.
  • When stock is moved, it can become stressed. We provide supplements that can help and assist calmness and relieve anxiety. This means that stock arrives in a healthier condition, as it otherwise would have been.
  • When new stock is born, we can provide supplements that can help the young thrive quickly.
We also have herbal products that assist the mother to recover quickly so she can look after the newly born baby faster. This leads to happier stock.

Simple Application of Herbal Alternatives for Livestock

Animal Herbal Health has made all of the products with the farmer in mind, especially when it comes to easy application. More often that not, they can simply be applied directly by mouth or in the feed; however, it is vital that the instructions are adhered to at all times. No DrugsNatural herbal remedies for farm animals This is perhaps the most important point. We are constantly asked to provide drug-free alternatives as new legislation often prohibits what many farmers consider to be traditional pharmaceutical methods. We are proud to offer traditional supplements that have been used for centuries in some cultures and often provide even better results than their pharmaceutical alternatives. Effective Against Multiple Ailments Very often, when one problem is relieved, it can lead to further benefits for the animal. For example, if a parrot is stressed, it may attack the owner and/or pull out its own feathers. Once the symptom of stress is relieved, feather pulling and owner attacks do not take place. We find that relieving symptoms in several species of animals often relieve other problems too.

No Antibiotics

Now, more than ever before, consumers and farmers have become aware of the disadvantages antibiotics can bring. People realise that when they ingest an animal that has had antibiotics in the past, the drug can drastically raise the resistance and reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics in the recipient. Therefore, we provide products and supplements that contain no antibiotics and which are often just as effective.
Our Natural remedies for farm animals are effective for All Animals
Many of our products contain similar ingredients that have proven to help and assist a wide variety of species. However, the preparation and formula may differ from one animal to another but be similarly effective for many different animals. We invite you to contact us and try out our family line of natural remedies for farm animals. Still in doubt? Please read our reviews on each product page for further info.