Stress in Animals and How to Treat It

Herbal alternatives for stress in animals

Stress in animalsStress in animals is often one of the hardest things to detect as they simply cannot tell you what is on their mind. So how do we recognise stress in animals? Most of us consider our animals to be part of the family, and struggle to diagnose when they are in pain or feeling worried because they cannot tell us what is wrong. Animals project their feelings through body language and feelings. When a dog is happy he wags his tail, when he is scared he cowers, when he is sad he has his tail between his legs and flat ears. But what about when he is feeling stressed or anxious?

It is important to know the early stages of stress in your animals and pets so they can be removed from the situation they are in. To know their behaviour when they are stressed is to recognise the characteristics they display when they are relaxed, and to know their personality enough to understand when they are feeling uncomfortable.

Simple things can cause stress in animals, house moves, a change in food, loud and unfamiliar noises or surroundings. Training can help with avoiding anxious behaviour, but this must be done when they are in their infancy or before the animal has a chance to become chronically stressed. They can show signs of stress and anxiety in a behavioural and physical way. For example, when parrots are stressed they will often pull out their own feathers.

Treating stressed dogs naturallySome examples of stress are; a cat darting out of a room, a dog panting or whining when on a car journey. An animal may start to toilet in the house when it has previously not had trouble with going outside. Dogs can be afraid of being on their own to the point they continuously bark or chew furniture.

Anxiety can also manifest itself in over grooming, pulling out fur or feathers. Grooming is seen as a positive thing for an animal, so to waylay the feeling of stress they will over-groom as this gives them a sense of pleasure.

In the interim, anti-anxiety or relaxing medication is available to calm the animal when it gets upset or starts displaying behavioural traits. Our product that assists to reduce stress is Silent4 – a proven herbal blend that relaxes animals and makes them feel comfortable.

Treating Animals with Stress

They best way to treat stress and anxiety in animals is to address the cause of the stress in the first place. If there are too many horses in the field, move some of them out or let them out in turn. If a dog is continually barking because of separation anxiety, take him to training classes or see a behaviourist. Alternatively, simply buy some Silent4

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